Welcome to my blog. Each month I conduct a different experiment; I’m undertaking a task, asking a question, eliminating or adding something to my life. July begins a new type of project: A year of not driving. I’m breaking with the (monthly) format of the blog to go deeper and learn how an experiment can … More Howdy!

Planes, trains, and ferries (with a few automobiles)

I like rental cars. One of my favorite things to do, ever, is to drive through unfamiliar places in a brand new car that isn’t mine, preferably with the radio blaring and the windows rolled down. Years ago, when I traveled for work through Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Southern California, the few hours spent in … More Planes, trains, and ferries (with a few automobiles)

Off to a good start

For nineteen consecutive days, I haven’t driven a car. This despite the fact that during those nineteen days, we bought a new(ish) car, and had a loaner– a fancy Honda Crosstour– while the dealership repaired a scratch on our new car. I’m feeling fairly saint-like for resisting the Crosstour. But other than that temptation, my … More Off to a good start

Inside vs. Outside

Last week I set out to write about why I’m experimenting with giving up my car for a year. I had three things in mind, but the first, the environmental benefits, took up the entire post, which is a shame because I consider those reasons– the obscenely large American ecological footprint, dwindling planetary resources, concrete … More Inside vs. Outside

Is it fall yet?

The first time I commuted by any means other than my car was in October of 2009. I was participating in the No Impact Project, a week of abstaining from ordinary and carbon-heavy activities like driving a car, eating meat, and generating trash. Being that it was fall in Colorado (translation: sunny, cool, the bluest … More Is it fall yet?