One day at a time

I don’t want to create mass panic, but folks, it’s mid-January. Pretty soon the spring semester starts, and then it’s time to start seeds and then the farming season starts and and and… okay, I’m hyperventilating.

One day at a time, right? I’m not going to think about January 21st and that the first day of the semester=math, my last math class. I’m going to think about today, tomorrow and where I’m at with my January: a month of working out experiment.

 The first eight days of January were all yoga, seven days at the studio and one day of practicing at home. On Friday my friend Kristin and I went for a hike on the Flagstaff mountain trail in Boulder. (Great opportunity to take pictures and blog about the views, right? Not if you leave the camera, that you packed especially for that purpose, in the car.)

The steep trail, ice-slick paths and the chill after the sun went behind the Flatirons yesterday afternoon wore me out and aggravated a flare-up of what I call “marathon foot,” pain in my toes caused by the fact that the bones in my feet no longer get along, even though it’s been two years since I ran my marathon.

On the plus side, all that yoga has created some pleasant sensations in my arms that I’ve never felt before. I think it might be muscle.

Then there are my shoulders, which are no longer hunched over in perpetual keyboard pose. And everyday, I wake up curious to see what my hour of working out will bring. I’ve given myself permission to pay attention to my workout rather than just squeezing in some exercise before moving on to something I’d rather be doing.

That permission and that curiosity, maybe the best part of the whole month.


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