Ghirardelli should clone me.

We won’t talk about last night. I’m not ready. I can only say that no one should want brownies that much. I didn’t give in, but seriously, Ghirardelli should clone me.

Besides last night, a few good things have already come out of February: a month of no sugar. It hasn’t been all cravings and sugar frosted fantasies.

I’ve discovered that I love San Pellegrino without the addition of homemade simple syrup.

san p

And I’m observing my sugar lust rather than satiating it. In a normal month, I’m so busy obeying my cravings that I never notice how frequent and trivial they can be.

I feel lighter. I’m eating less, not because of any new found self control but because it’s hard to overeat non-sugary things. I did throttle a bag of potato chips yesterday but it will be at least a week before I can tolerate that much salt again.

What I’m wondering now, past the halfway point, is what role sugar should play in my future. Beloved life partner? Casual friend? Sworn enemy? I’ve got ten days to figure it out.


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