About You

What is a blog without a community? What is an experiment without controls? There are so many opportunities for you to participate in A Year of Months.

  • Follow A Year of Months by entering your email address on the home page.

  • Leave a comment on one (or more) of my posts.

  • Suggest a future experiment for me by leaving a comment on this page. Read about the motivation behind these experiments on the About the Blog page.

  • Do you have experience with a particular experiment of mine? Write a guest post for that month.

  • Support an experiment by participating with me, even for a day. For example, if the experiment is to work out every day for a month (Jan 2014), you could join me for a workout for a day.

  • Duplicate all or part of an experiment and share your thoughts and experiences with me.

  • Follow me on Twitter @theJenniferLoyd, friend me on Facebook, connect with me on Linkedin.

Additional contact information is on the About Me page.


2 thoughts on “About You

    1. Hi, Mary. Now that you’ve signed up via email, you’ll be notified when I make a new post (I’ve only got the three up so far on the home page). But while you were signing up, I was writing my next one. Thanks for following me!

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